Hello BSD Cafe Community!

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Brew, our very own Git service tailored specifically for our BSD Cafe family. As you sip your morning coffee, why not brew some code as well? Brew is now available at https://brew.bsd.cafe, a platform where our community’s projects will live and thrive.

What is Brew? Brew is a dedicated space for you to host, manage, and collaborate on software projects. Powered by Forgejo, it is designed to be simple, fast, and effective, meshing perfectly with our community’s ethos of freedom and innovation.

Why Brew?

  • Community-Centric: Created for BSD enthusiasts by BSD enthusiasts. It’s our own cozy corner of the internet to build and share.
  • Open Source: Fully open-source, ensuring transparency and the ability to contribute to the improvement of Brew itself.
  • Private and Secure: We respect your privacy and the integrity of your work. Brew is committed to maintaining a secure environment for all your projects.

Get Involved

  • Start a Project: Have an idea? Launch your repository today!
  • Collaborate: Join existing projects and contribute to building something great.
  • Learn: Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Brew is a place to grow your skills.

Come for the code, stay for the community. Let’s build something incredible together at Brew. Visit us now and start your first repository!

Happy Coding!